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objectives of the alfa project

The ALFA project is designed to enhance the potential of a global knowledge based economy. One of the considerations when creating online learning platforms is that of the difficulties inherent with certain types of disabilities, and the problems in using an online solution where environmental disadvantages are present such as high noise levels within the manufacturing industries, or poor connectivity in underdeveloped countries.

Another consideration is that of the skills shortage within the global Internet industry and, therefore, the requirement to develop a system of module creation that is accessible in itself to those without a knowledge of programming or Internet design techniques.

By developing a simple method of module creation, using an advanced content management system that is capable of producing accessible educational modules which can then be combined to create a complete course of study, the problems outlined above can all be solved. Teaching materials for all academic and vocational levels and for all subjects can then be adapted to be displayed online, allowing a worldwide life-long learning programme to be significantly enhanced and adopted by all.

There are several other long term objectives that the further development and implementation of this module creation system will help to address:

  • To develop long-term education opportunities for those who are disadvantaged and may not otherwise access e-learning, leading on to the increased potential for subsequent employment based on qualifications gained through e-learning.

  • To follow the guiding principals of Agenda 21 - the ALFA Project will increase the level of awareness of the population about Agenda 21 issues through the medium of the Internet, without discrimination or being exclusive to able bodied users.

  • To develop working arrangements which can disseminate specialist knowledge, skills and resources on a global basis leading to needs-met outcomes.

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