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The future knowledge-based economy is beginning to take shape where students will take responsibility for their own learning, and traditional teaching methods will be augmented by online interactive learning environments. All people will benefit from this technological advance regardless of their educational ability, personal circumstances, employment commitments, or their level or type of disability.

Many individuals will be given a new direction and purpose through education where previously this may have been vague or indeterminate. Those with disabilities will be included rather than excluded from online education, providing the groundwork towards a much more inclusive society where talented leaders will come from all backgrounds. A higher educated population will be a more confident one, and will allow greater competition from countries traditionally excluded by their status as poor or under developed.

Using this system, educational courses that are accessible to all people can be uploaded to the Internet and studied from remote locations leading to a long-term increase in educational standards for everyone. The ALFA project system will have no language restrictions enabling its use in a global setting, and the system will overcome many obstacles in the development of the knowledge based economy.

We welcome feedback from everybody, but would be particularly grateful to hear from:

  • Individuals who are interested in online accessibility or disability related issues.

  • People with disabilities who wish to contribute to the ALFA Project, or add insights from personal experience.

  • Universities and colleges wishing to examine the site because it complements their research programmes, and who may wish to share resources with this Project.

  • Health and Education Professionals interested in this research who recognise the potential of the ALFA Project to allow them to do work more effectively with a diverse range of student ability on a geographically independent basis.

  • On behalf of Self Direction, who are a registered charity in the UK, companies who may be interested in Disability Awareness Training for their staff to ensure that their company does not breach any aspect of Disability Rights through a lack of knowledge.

  • People who would be interested in becoming Partners of the ALFA Project.

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