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welcome to the alfa project
e-learning builder software- available for pc and macThe ALFA Project is examining the development and delivery of an accessible e-learning module creation system, allowing teachers and educationalists of all countries to create online learning packages in their own language that are completely accessible for all.

ALFA stands for Accessible eLearning For All, and this is one of the key philosophies behind the project. Currently e-learning is one of the more inaccessible areas on the Internet, and to avoid creating exclusivity within the knowledge based economy of the future, it is imperative now to address this issue.

We have recently completed a 12 month research project examining online e-learning accessibility . This project was funded by the European Social Fund, and one of the end results was the creation of a website focussing on the accessible provision of one module of a disability awareness training course.

A high level of publicity has been generated, with a significant amount of interest being shown, most recently from the US and India, for its potential of providing education of all forms to the widest possible audience.

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